Margex is a new cryptocurrency leverage trading platform aiming to make trading easy and accessible to everybody. With one of the best user experiences in the crypto market, Margex truly succeeds in providing new and experienced traders with an easy to use margin trading platform. Furthermore, the platform gives one of the best fee rates in the crypto industry for margin trading platforms.

Margex is providing its users with a trading engine capable of handling up to 100 000 transactions per second with an average order execution time of 8 ms. …

BitMEX is known for a lot of things one of which is the excessively high leverage. BitMEX offers up to a 100x (hundred times) leverage. What that means is if I put $1,000 on a trade, I can leverage that up to a $100,000, meaning that if the price goes up by 1% I make a thousand but if the price goes down at all I get liquidated.

How does the leverage work?

Let’s say that we trade with $1,000 at the maximum possible leverage of 100x, amassing $100,000 worth of trading capital. Our margin, also known as 1,000 contracts, is equal to $1,000. This…

Using leverage visualised
Leverage visualised

As a former forex trader when joining the beautiful world of crypto trading I couldn’t help but notice how misunderstood the words “leverage” or “margin” are within crypto communities around. Not leverage is dangerous but the lack of information and knowledge about the most efficient way of using it or even how to use it is the main reason for this misunderstanding.

Back in early 2000s, brokers were able to offer up to 400:1 leverage, meaning that with a mere $100 deposit, anyone would be in control of $40,000 in currency on the global market. Unfortunately for some professionals and…

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